Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jack Bauer Save The Day (Again!)

Long overdue post: Yes, Jack Bauer saved the day once again. Saved the President...but hey, the FBI still has to arrest him (idiots). Then he's given a chance to get more info from the enemy...but the enemy turns up dead and Jack is framed for that murder (as usual). Then he goes to the senators house and he truly wants to help him if he gives himself up. Almost did. Ding...door bell. Bang, bang, bang...senator is shot (but is he dead?). Once again, Jack is framed for another murder. Now the FBI wants to shoot him on site. Forget about asking him any questions. This FBI head is a total jackass.

Not to worry. Jack will catch the bad guys in the end anyway. Like I said before, those bad guys might as well shoot themselves now and get it over with.

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