Tuesday, March 3, 2009

24 TV Show - March 2

Saw 24 last night. Very tense episode. The head terrorist is in the U.S. and planning another attack. Jack Bauer got wind of it and is going solo (yet again) because in his words "there's no time" to tell anyone else or get permission to torture the suspects. Heck, he'll even torture them in the White House. Yea, Jack was in the White House when the terrorist attack occur. And where did it occur? Why, in the White House ofcourse. The terrorist managed to capture the President.

But not to worry, because Jack Bauer is there to save the day. Well, maybe not last night, but just wait until next week. He's been in this sort of sticky situation before and he's gotten out of it with the many dead terrorists that paid the price. Why don't the terrorist just call it quits right now and shoot themselves? They're going to die anyway!

Anyway, next week this is what I predict will happen: Jack will shoot every terrorist there and save the President. He's pardoned and won't have to go to jail. But wait, we have another, what 8 or 9 hrs to go? So, lets prolong this and start hunting for the traitors who helped those vicious and nasty terrorists. Jack will save the day next week. Stay tuned.

And another thing...doesn't everyone (including Jack himself) realize that when a major threat happens, that by some coincidence it always takes 24 hours to solve it? Are they all that dumb that they can't see this pattern emerging?

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