Monday, February 16, 2009

Trying to Install Norton Ghost

Emphasis on the word "trying". I downloaded the trial version of Symantec Ghost. I gets stuck on the install screen. Why? I'm running the latest of everything (Vista, etc). Scotty, the WinPatrol doggy, warns me that some programs want to start themselves on startup. I answer Yes. But, still this thing cant even install itself. Doesnt look promising, but let's give this one another chance... :(

...tried to install it failure. It gives me "error 1500. Another installation is in progress." I can't even un-install it. It's in the twilightzone. It's not installed totally and I cannot even choose to re-install it or to repair it or even to uninstall it. It's put crap in my computer and I can't do anything about it !!!

I should rename this blog: FRUSTRATIONS OF USING A COMPUTER. I wonder if a Mac is this stupid/complicated/crazy/broken.

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