Monday, February 23, 2009

Rogers Internet Ad

Have you seen that Rogers Internet ad of some guy showing how fast their non-Rogers connection to the Internet is? He's trying to play a video from the Internet but it doesn't play smoothly (because, ofcourse, he's not a Rogers customer). You can see the video on this link if it's still there.

This is a bunch of crap from Rogers. What are they comparing? Here's my experience with Rogers (which uses shared cable) and their competitor, Bell (which uses DSL):

I have Rogers ultra-lite which means it's their slowest of the slow service (for $30 per month no less!). When I download a large file the speed is apprx. 50 kb/s. When I play a video, it's very choppy...exactly like the one that Rogers is comparing in their ad.

Now, let's compare Bell's DSL, which I have as well. I have their lowest speed as well and I'm paying less than $30 per month. When I download a large file the speed is MORE than 6 times that of Rogers: apprx. 310 kb/s. This is a huge difference.

My son just asked me why I'm writing this. Because I hate companies like, Rogers and others, that mislead people with outright lies. Why doesn't Rogers compare apples to apples, oranges to oranges? Come over to my apartment and let's run a comparison. I dare you, Rogers !!!!

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